The Dynabilt patented load-bearing steel insulated panel system and light gauge steel roof trusses, enable the building of structures at a fraction of traditional costs and time. The panel system complies with all domestic and international building codes. Dynabilt manufactures 100 % of the structural building components provided.

Dealers and Training

The licensed dealer can purchase factory direct or manufacture products as a dealer. Training will be available to achieve the highest standards and quality control, maintaining substantial cost control while reducing labor costs as an Authorized builder-dealer. Incorporating sophisticated manufacturing technology, Dynabilt produces the building alternative for the future with accelerated automation to manufacture hybrid structures.

Finishes and Engineering

A wide range of finishes are available to appeal to architects, designers and customers. Dynabilt engineers each structure to comply with the severe HVWZ of Florida and the Caribbean as well as tremor zones of California and Haiti.

Dynabilt has supplied buildings to many Government and military projects and recently, desalination plants for Mauritania, Africa. The wall panel system has been awarded the Energy Star compliance notification and the components are fully recyclable and extremely energy efficient.


Prefabricated Load Bearing Building Panel

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