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Steel Roof Trusses

The Dynabilt galvanized Steel Roof trusses and floor joists are manufactured from the highest standards and quality control, thus providing efficiency in production. Dynabilt trusses are engineered for lighter weight, thereby having lower transportation costs and providing easier installation which requires less labor and greater structural integrity. 

Galvanized (zinc coating) is used to protect steel from rusting. For over one hundred years, galvanizing has been protecting steel from rusting by forming a protective barrier between steel and the environment, making Dynabilt Steel trusses a premium product. 


  • Will not shrink, split, warp, swell, rot, or corrode
  • Termite Free
  • Lightweight
  • Fireproof
  • Precision engineered
  • Complete Design Flexibility
  • Lower cost than wood
  • Faster delivery times
  • Fully Guaranteed
  • Copyright protected designs
  • No local weaknesses such as knots which can lead to sudden, unexpected failure
  • Immediately available

Dynabilt Light Gauge Steel Trusses install easily to the tie-beam using conventional self-tapping screws. Roof sheathing also attaches quickly and easily with screws and screw guns. Steel Truss members have the highest strength-to-weight ratio, which means fewer members are needed and they can span longer distances than wood. The price of steel and availability remains relatively constant.

Since Dynabilt steel trusses are non-combustible, and will not contribute fuel to a fire, there may be a savings of as much as 30% on insurance premiums. Select applications may allow engineering for complete elimination of plywood sheathing. Dynabilt truss members are nettable and stackable.

Compared to wood, this means by volume approximately twice the number of steel members can be shipped by rail, truck or container. This vastly reduces your freight charges for domestic and overseas shipments. 


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